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Palm Oil

 Palm - Organic, physically filtered

Virgin oils are always the superior choice, but if you don’t like the beta carotene orange color
of virgin palm, here’s an organic option that has been filtered to make it flavorless & colorless.
Palm has health benefits like coconut and is preferred over coconut by some for frying.  If you want a margarine or butter substitute, palm oil is the common alternative you will find even name brands offering, often for a much higher price per ounce and in a butter-like container.  Put this in the refrigerator in a quart jar or in your butter container and enjoy.  If you want a butter-like color, add just a touch of the red palm back into this, stir and fool the kids!
While the cold pressed extra virgin variety will always give you the biggest nutritional boost per bite, if you don’t appreciate the slight flavor or the yellow orange color of the extra virgin palm, try the flavorless filtered kind, or even the also solid but not palm fruit, the coconut oil.   Whichever you choose, please do try to add some naturally solid oils to your diet for your health. Palm oil has a melt point of 95F so it's a solid at cool room temps and a thick but pour-able liquid on a warm counter top or window ledge

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