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Apricot Kernel Oil-Expeller pressed

Apricot Kernel Oil
100% Pure. Filtered.
Expeller Pressed.  
Sustainably Grown. 

Apricot kernel oil is pressed from those pits and in some countries is considered a healthy food grade cooking oil.   Apricot kernels are rich in Iron & vitamin A, K, B1, B17, B15 and natural enzymes.  

The oil is a great choice for a facial massage oil and for treating fine skin wrinkle lines and  inflammation.  

Massage Therapists like to add essential oils and use as a massage oil or body therapy oil due to it's wonderfully rich yet light weight feel on the skin.

Carrier oil blends
Of course any oil can technically be used as a carrier oil. Choosing an oil that meets your specific needs is key to skin happiness.  
Typically a blend of several oils makes the best carrier.  
Give this oil a try as part of your next carrier oil blend.

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Pamper Your Skin Naturally! 

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