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Lugol's Iodine


Lugol's Iodine

If you haven't tried this, you should. 
Please at least take a couple minutes to read the article posted on the blog.  The amount of good this lil bottle of liquid has done for so many people in the time we've been bulk ordering it is truly amazing!  This stuff used to be standard equipment in every first aid kit, now it's hard to find and has been replaced with pharmaceutical drugs that cost more, are less effective and have side effects.  Please read the article and try a bottle.  It's a few $ well spent.

​Lugol’s Iodine Bulk Buy Details

Did you just ask - Why do I need iodine?

We have had many of you come back with testimonials of improved health from taking this iodine over the last several bulk buys. Many did the skin patch test and were amazed to find that Dr. Brownstein’s findings of deficiency applied to them too! The web site on the iodine bottle label gives simple skin patch test instructions for testing for deficiency at home. If you didn’t try this last time – for only a few  $ you really should!

PLEASE take time to read the page posted on our blog about Lugol's Iodine before you decide to wait to order some.

BREAKING 2020 News! Br Brownstein has been treating C ovid 1 9 with iodine and oxygen therapies and is claiming great success. His website has details on it.

Iodine stores well. Having it available when you need it instead of having to go looking for it is a great plan! In these uncertain times, availability of things known to work might get slim. Buy an extra large bottle or 2now, tuck it away, have it you need it. It's great to be taking a small amount regularly to protect your thyroid and reduce your risk of radiation impacts too.

Large size saves packaging and is cheaper, small size has dosage dropper and is refillable from the large size.

No need for refrigeration. Comes in amber glass easy to store in a room temp cupboard.

Lugol's Solution Contains:

 2% Iodine,

 4% Potassium Iodide,

 94% Distilled Water

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