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Evening Primrose Oil

 Evening Primrose Oil – Cold Pressed

High in GLA, making it a great supplement or skin serum. 
Have you heard about using Evening Primrose Seed oil?
It's long list of amazingness is an awesome read.  This beautiful flower makes an oil that is high in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) an important nutrient that helps in
maintaining cellular structure and in hormone compounds needed for
good health.  This oil is sold in capsules as a health supplement for aid in things like Alzheimer's, brain function, anxiety, depression, OCD, arthritis, hormone balance and more.  Similar usages have been found with boage seed oil which is another flower with similar properties.  These oils are awesome for use as a straight facial serum oil or bonus synergy when mixed together or with other beneficial nutrients.  Try them both and be amazed.

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