Essential Oil Skin Care

We Pledge: Organic Goodness. Food Grade Ingredients. Therapeutic Essential Oils. Truly Natural Skin Care.

Bulk Buy Basics


#1. Become A Member.
Requiring Club Membership keeps us a buying club that exists to serve it's members.  Requiring an annual membership fee and keeping a membership list that's current and active and updated annually helps maintain our club status. Our fee is low at only $20/yr and we are super confident that we offer you abundantly many times more than that in value if you take advantage of all of the club's benefits.  Thanks for understanding this important detail.

#2. Pre-Orders and Pre-Payment are Required for the Bulk Buys.
We need our membership's participation and commitment to make big bulk buys possible.  We can order bigger for better quality and pricing because it's pre-sold.  We need to fill drum lots and case lots and skid lots to meet minimum order requirements.  We all greatly appreciate each member's willingness to pre-order, pre-pay,  and promote this order so that we can all get these best offers.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

#3. Bulk minimum size order requirements can create extras or shortages.  In order to avoid shortages, and to minimize extras, we will let you know that order status of items as we near the end of the order stage.  Please help us  meet required sizes and "fill the drums" by ordering what you need up front and don't count on extras being available later, but if we have extras, we love it when you can help find a buyer for them so we can order those drums!  If you pre-pay for an item that didn't make the minimum, you will be refunded your total amount at pickup stage.  Or we love it when you use that credit toward other products.  Thank You.

#4. Because we are bringing a group of busy Americans together for a common goal, it takes time. Each stage is typically 2 to 3 weeks long.  So please understand that the time between when you place your order and when you pickup your order will be several weeks.   If you need products sooner, please ask us, we may have what you need in stock to get you thru until the next shipment arrives.

#5. We regularly ship our PMN products via USPS priority mail to anywhere in the USA for our flat rate shipping fee. We are happy to ship items to you too.   But we do not ship the Bulk Buy Jugs.  If you order Bulk Buy Oils in Jugs (sizes larger than a pint), we require a physical in-person pickup by you or your designated pickup person. Our office is currently in Newaygo, Michigan (where you can see, smell, and buy PMN products during an order pickup). Sometimes our bulk buy pickup has a separate but nearby location from our office. We try to make pickup as convenient as possible and are happy to meet you in areas that we frequent in Michigan.  Typically we can arrange for a meet-up in areas near Grand Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Newaygo, Fremont, Lansing, and occasionally Dundee and Toledo . Some of our members are also happy co-operative promoting participants and will help with product transport to meet-up with fellow members who are closer to their local areas.  If you are interested in participating and are seeking a meetup in an area not listed or if you are a willing product transporter, please let us know! 

#6. Our Bulk Oils are considered to be pure, natural, high quality, organically grown, sustainable, food grade, ingredients as described in the product details, but we are not a food certified processor.  We just do skin care products . 
So You, as a Bulk Club Member, have personal discretion on the appropriate usage of these oils, butters, and products for yourself and your family.  We use them in skin care products.

#7. Our Bulk Oils typically arrive to us in certified, sealed, steel, drum style, containers and totes.  During the processing stage they are transferred into durable, new, easy transport, plastic jugs & bottles. We recommend that you may want to extend the shelf life by storing in sealed glass, low air space, containers, in a cool, dark, safe, protected place.  You may find that containers with easy access openings such as glass canning jars are convenient kitchen storage for solid at room temp oils like coconut, palm, shea and cocoa. We offer 2 jar choices for your convenience at the bottom of the order list.