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Monday, March 22, 2021

Coconut Oil - Extra Virgin

 Coconut - Extra Virgin Organic

This is the lightly sweet nutty flavored super fresh kind direct from the Philippines. Many studies have been done showing the amazing health benefits of cooking with and consuming coconut and palm oils. It is also considered an excellent high nutrient skin oil. Extra Virgin is always the premium best and most nutritious grade of any oil.  The list of health benefits of coconut oil are long, including brain and cardio improvements even for dementia, and skin and hair and digestive health.  Most have been achieved from using any food grades of coconut oil.  So, while the cold pressed extra virgin will always give you the biggest boost per bite, if you don’t appreciate the sweet flavor of the extra virgin, try the flavorless filtered kind, or the always liquid MCT variety (the kind that's spurred on the KETO craze), or even the also solid but not coconut fruit, the palm oil.   Whichever you choose, please do try to add some naturally solid oils to your diet for your health. Coconut oil has a melt point of 76F so it's a scoop-able solid a cool room temps and a pour-able liquid on a warm counter top or window ledge

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