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We Pledge: Organic Goodness. Food Grade Ingredients. Therapeutic Essential Oils. Truly Natural Skin Care.

Bulk Order Participation Details

Is offering you the opportunity to join the

Bulk Sale
This is the annual (sometimes semi-annual) bulk sale that you’ve heard about 
or that you’ve been in before.
 It’s 15+ year history of incredible deals on 
a large variety of high quality organic oils (the freshest you’ll find)  
PLUS sales on local farm fresh items
PLUS Pamper Me Naturally's Product Deals 
has made this sale the
“You don’t want to miss it”  sale of the year!

Participation Details


Who Can Order
YOU CAN!  We serve our PMN Bulk Club Members and Co-op groups.
Joining PMN Bulk Club is easy!  Send a request to join to or join our list via the Club Item at

So please help us by telling your friends and relatives, who like to EAT FRESH and SAVE MONEY and may have interest in the amazing list of products we have available.

When To Order:  
Place orders & payments during the order phase of the bulk buy.  
Check the Bulk Buy Announcement for specific dates.

How To Order:  
Find the Bulk Order Page link on the left sidebar
Also check out the coupon codes and additional sales throughout the website.

If for some reason you can’t order online, use the price list and place your order via e-mail ASAP to:
You will get an immediate auto-reply.
If you don’t get it, please check the E-address and resend!
Emailed orders will get an email invoice to pay from via card or check
PLEASE be sure your email order includes: 
your order with desc., quantity and price
your contact info including mailing address, phone number & email address.
If ordering with a group, be sure to include your designated pickup person or group.

Coordinated pickups are common.  If you have friends ordering, having one pickup for a group saves gas & time. Just be sure each orderer puts who their pickup person is in the comment section during online checkout so no order is left behind. 

Ordering with YOUR Food Co-Op:
If you are ordering with your food co-op so that you get your order with a monthly pickup thru them, PLEASE talk with your order coordinator about how you should order.  You might order with your usual co-op process or they might have you order via online, or via email.  There also might be a Co-Op fee from your co-op that covers pickup and delivery costs they incur.

If YOU ARE A Co-Op Coordinator and you would like to let your group participate, please contact us about special accommodations for groups.  We can make it easier for you!

COMPARISON PRICING NOTE – If you are comparing prices with other sources, You’ll want to be sure you are making equal comparisons!  It is common for oils to be sold in sizes made to look like they have better pricing.  What looks like a pint, a half gal or gallon may not actually be a full one. Watch the weight.

We pay in advance so we need your pre-payment!
ORDER & PAY ONLINE or Via Check in the mail DURING the order Phase  
Check the Bulk Buy Announcement for specific dates.

Online Payment:
Online Ordering allows you to pay online via SquareUp secure transaction using any debit or credit card or via PayPal or via mailed check see the BULK OILS page online for details.

Email Order Payment:
Payments when ordering via email,
The INVOICE email contains A “PAY INVOICE” button that allows you to make a secure online payment via SquareUp by typing in your debit or credit card numbers.  This is a secure encrypted transaction via Square Up.
We get a notified of your pmt amt not your card details.
Or you can mail your payment via check from your calculated total or wait for ht e-mail total.  Mail to:
Pamper Me Naturally
P.O. Box 275, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

Delivered Payment:
We welcome delivered pre-payments of cash or check too.  Contact us to make a plan,

Mailed Payment:

If you mail a payment, drop us a comment of when you did.  Make check payable to
Pamper Me Naturally
P.O. Box 275
Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319.

Prices listed on the BULK Items pages are your final cost.
Prices listed on the pamper me naturally products pages (including sale prices) will receive an additional 15% discount if you use online coupon code BULKORDER at checkout. There are NO additional fees!   (See “Ordering with Your Food Co-Op” on this page for possible exceptions)

If you have passed this info on to friends for past orders, would you please kindly pass it on to them again? Or better yet, have them join our mailing list or send us their email and we’ll ask them to join.

When To Pickup:
Due to shipping and processing schedules, we can’t predict a reliable exact date during the order phase. 
We typically expect to be able to deliver your oils within a month after order phase concludes (often sooner).  Date also depends on your pickup location.

Coordinated pickups are common.  If you have friends ordering, having one pickup for a group saves gas & time. Just be sure each orderer puts who their pickup person is in the comment section during online checkout so no order is left behind.  Come with enough time to check off each order you are picking up.  Any order errors found after leave are your responsibility.

Where To Pickup:  
Direct  Pickup will be in the cedar springs area and will be announced to all who ordered when the ordering phase is completed..

Group Pickups If you order with a group, get pickup directions from your group’s order coordinator.

Suppliers & Packaging & Storage

The Oils are direct from importing brokers we’ve been dealing with for 15+ years, specific brand names do not apply in bulk drums. They are lab tested, High Quality oils. Organic oils are cert. by 2 cert. organizations and typically arrive in certified sealed steel drums.
The oils will be re-packaged into new plastic gallon, half gal or quart jugs. 
We recommend that you store them in a cool, dark place away from temp changes and humidity (like an unheated basement) and rotate your oil – use the oldest first.

The Next Order
We typically plan for the next order to be in 6 to 9 months. While creating your order, please consider that rising prices are not likely to reduce in the near future and that most liquid oils have a shelf life of at least a year, and solid oils at least 2 years. Longer life is possible if kept cool enough to solidify and in a dark place away from temp changes and humidity (like a spare refrigerator or an unheated basement) and rotate your oil – use the oldest first.

For years
 we used new jugs bought from local apple cider producers.  Because they are inexpensive, easy to transport, locally available, and sufficiently sturdy.  However, some of you have longed for a sturdier option that resists damage easier.  We have found new options:  Gallon and Half gallon jugs that are a firmer plastic more like a vinegar jug.   Quarts have 2 options: a plastic similar to the new gallon jugs but no handle with plastic cap, and a glass jar similar to a canning jar but with smooth sides and a solid 1 piece lid with rubber that can be reused for canning.  The glass jars cost a dollar more each and of course are breakable, so we have listed them as an option.  Some we know, may prefer glass, while others will prefer to not risk the breakage glass offers.  All containers have screw on lids.  Just in case it needs stated, these are all new packaging, not recycled or rewashed.

PMN Offers to Members

Pamper Me Naturally products of essential oils and natural skin care and incense and is available to Bulk Club Members at a savings vs retail year around, but ordering with the bulk order is when you get The Best Sales.  

Thanks for supporting our family business by ordering Pamper Me Naturally products and by participating with this bulk order which also supplies us with better prices for our product ingredients via volume. We love having the opportunity to get high quality organic super fresh oils by buying in barrel sizes. We appreciate your participation and your love for getting the freshest oils!

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