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We Pledge: Organic Goodness. Food Grade Ingredients. Therapeutic Essential Oils. Truly Natural Skin Care.

PMN Bulk Club Membership

PMN Bulk Club is the Bulk Cooperative Buying Club
formed by Suzanne as an extension off of Pamper Me Naturally.

PMN Bulk Club offers its members the ability to purchase, at bulk prices and sizes, many varieties of super fresh,high quality, food grade, organic, sustainable oils for cooking and skin care, plus herbs, containers and other necessities for natural foods and DIY enthusiasts. 

Members are also offered a special set of exclusive sales, discounts and specialty products from Pamper Me Naturally's line of natural skin care products and services.

Purchases from the club is restricted to Members Only.
(as all cooperative clubs are required to do)
Membership is an annual requirement for all members.

The BEST WAY for us to bring you the absolutely BEST PRICED deals is for us to have a MEMBERSHIP ONLY CLUB.  
A membership club with a membership list that you have specifically asked to be on gives us the ability to legally provide extra options and benefits to you!   So of course we want to do that! 

PMN Bulk Club Membership includes:

>Bulk Priced Bulk Oils Order Opportunity
at least once, maybe twice a year. 

>Extra PMN Product Sales
during the Bulk Oils order & pickup phases

>Special PMN Products
private stock opportunities throughout the year.

>PMN Product Discounts throughout the year via office pickup or shipping

>Monthly Private Super Sales Page on PMN Products

>Cost will be $12/year (calendar year)
(we are confident that your savings will be many times the cost of membership plus you'll get awesome products!)

Please join Our Facebook Page  - PMN Bulk Club at
This group page will allow us to quickly keep you updated and allow you to make some easy connections with fellow participants.

WWW.PMN Bulk.Club is also the name of the website where you can get  details and placing orders information .

The retail website is also barely up and in the process of adding more items. will make our Pamper Me Naturally products available online for shipping to anywhere in the USA.

The information website Www.Pampermenaturally.Info is also barely up and growing. will be full of information about all of our products and other helpful information and class notes.

The wholesale site will be up shortly to allow easy direct purchase options for retailers. If you are interested or have suggestions for retailers who might be interested in carrying our products, please let us know!

These sites will be at least somewhat interlinked for the purposes of educational information and will be somewhat separate from the purposes of ease of use for different applications.

If you have participated in the bulk order, you will want to join the PMN Bulk Club Facebook group. 

If you have friends who are interested in bulk oils order, please tell them about this group.

If you are also interested in retail, wholesale or information or DIY, you will also want to be involved with the other applicable sites mentioned above.

As always, we remain committed to Natural Products made of Natural, Organic and Food Grade ingredients and affordable prices.

Those who have participated in the PMN bulk oils order in the past (we've been doing it for over 15 years!) are well aware that we are committed to the best in quality and freshness and also love great prices!

Our Bulk Oils Order has grown based on your experience of that commitment and your willingness to share the benefits it brings with your family and friends.

We have written that commitment into the PMN Promise 

The Pamper Me Naturally Promise
To Always…
Give Full Ingredient Disclosure!
Use “Sustainably Grown” Ingredients!
Use “Food Grade” Ingredients wherever Possible!
Use “Certified Organic” Ingredients whenever Possible!
Use “Therapeutic Grade” Essential Oils by Naturally Amazing!
Hand Craft the Best Products Today, for A Better Tomorrow!

As always, thanks for your interest in our products and services!

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